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What are the Easiest Plants and Turf to Maintain?

By Todd Layt.

Whether you are a landscape maintenance company, or a landscape contractor, you will one day be asked what plants should I put in here, or what turf is the best for this area.

When giving this advice, particularly for turf and garden maintenance companies, it is wise to suggest lower maintenance plants and turf, particularly reduced summer maintenance varieties. Generally, lawn and garden care companies have trouble keeping up with maintenance in the warmer months. So what are the easiest plants and turf to maintain?

Turf Varieties – New Research

Recently, the results became available from some interesting turf research conducted by Ian Paananan from Nursery Crop and Services, and Henry Locock, a lawn maintenance operator. These trials were conducted on behalf of a large group of turf growers, and my company, Ozbreed Pty Ltd at Windsor NSW.

After about a year of fine tuning mower heights and frequencies, this trail showed that Couch and Kikuyu could not look reasonable unless they were frequently mown. It was further realised that they could not be allowed to grow tall, say to 90mm, and then mown short to about 50mm, without a major reduction in quality. Kikuyu and Couch looked unacceptable when mown under these frequencies.

On the other hand, Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass and two other Buffalo varieties, as well as Empire Zoysia, could be mown with these infrequent mowing regimes and still look presentable. Even in the first year, which was mainly a quality evaluation program, it was clear that Empire turf and Palmetto Buffalo Grass needed a lot less mowing than Kikuyu. It was also clear that Buffalo and Empire could be left for much longer periods between mowing than Kikuyu and Couch turf.

This is important for the lawn mowing contractor, as it allows them to read more…

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