Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | Will Palmetto work in any shaded area?

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | Will Palmetto work in any shaded area?

A: Palmetto is a shade tolerant cultivar, but the following information must be taken into consideration. Turf in general declines in quality as the degree of light decreases in a given area. Every shade situation is unique unto itself. There is no “cookie cutter” formula to determine if a shaded area will or will not support grass.

Details such as degree of shade, elevation of tree branches, type of tree, root invasion, soil type, and maintenance practices are only a few of the variables that must be considered in determining whether or not to attempt to install turf in a shaded area. Detailed shade studies are few and far between, but some promising new studies are now underway.

We believe the best approach is to test a small shaded area using Viro-cell lawn or small amounts of turf before heavily investing into a large area. Palmetto is one of the most shade tolerant grasses in the buffalo family but must have 2-4 hours of sunlight or high filtered light to survive.

The best scenario is to have Palmetto installed into a newly landscaped lawn, which permits a gradual adaptation to the shaded environment. Installing Palmetto or any other turf in heavy shade during the hot, humid summer months is recommended only for professionals that understand special measures and techniques used for satisfactory results.

It is best to turf shaded areas during cooler months when the stress caused by heat and humidity is minimized. If Palmetto will not survive in your shaded area, consider using some alternative ground cover.

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