Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | How Do I Successfully Install / Grow Palmetto In Shade?

Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass FAQs | How Do I Successfully Install / Grow Palmetto In Shade?

A: Prior to installation, prepare the soil appropriately (see installation tips). The grass must be freshly cut, delivered promptly, and placed within 36 hours of cutting. During the hotter summer months, installation should occur within 24 hours or less when possible.

Palmetto is a dense cultivar of Soft leaf buffalo that must be given special attention during hot weather. The temperatures on the pallet can easily reach 130 degrees which will “cook the grass” if not cooled or placed immediately.

Slight yellowing is normal when placing turf during summer conditions, but deep yellowing or browning indicates older grass which may not recover from transplanting. Cutting, shipping, and placing turf must be more carefully coordinated during the hotter months of summer.

Initial establishment is the most critical stage. The turf has been produced in full sun, had its roots cut off, and is being placed in an different environment! Water the turf for 1 hour upon installation. After that, water one to three times a week, depending on the amount of shade, type of soil, drainage, etc.

Shaded areas require less moisture than sunny locations. DO NOT KEEP THE GRASS SATURATED WITH WATER! It is better to allow the turf to wilt slightly than to overwater.

The grass should put down new roots within a week to fourteen days. If no new roots are showing and/or if you are seeing brown spots in your lawn, apply a fungicide and call your supplier or lawn care expert immediately. A fungicide containing the base chemical Daconil 2787 may be applied topically to aid in reducing leaf spot during the re-establishment period.

For more serious problems, systemic fungicides such as Banner (Immunox), Cleary’s 3336 (Thiophate), or Bayleton (Fung-away) may be used. Time is of the essence!

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