Palmetto Buffalo Turf Grass Testimonials

Buffalo Turf Grass Testimonials

See What People Have To Say About Palmetto Buffalo Turf In These Buffalo Turf Testimonials…

Landscape Professionals

“We have tried many varieties of turf over the years and I have found that Palmetto Buffalo Grass is the best variety for tolerating the shade of maturing trees and for keeping colour all year round.”

Naturescape Landscape Contractor and Designer WA landscaper of the year 2000/2001

“As I was laying the Palmetto, the lady of the house, her eight-month-old son, and the dog were laying on it and testing it out. She was very happy with the comfortable soft texture of her new grass. As a landscaper, I am very happy with the wear tolerance of Palmetto Buffalo Grass, its recovery rate, and its ability to cope with different soil types. Palmetto has been able to cope well with the extremes of sun and shade, variable soil, hot days and cold winters all in the one client’s place. Palmetto’s low water requirements, less mowing, and less invasiveness to gardens and bush land make it an environmental choice, which is particulary pleasing to me.”

Native and Natural Landscape Construction: Adelaide

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Grass has been a success story. We have been able to utilize this turf species on most of our projects with great success. Although we have tried other Soft Leaf Buffalo grass varieties, we believe Palmetto shines above the rest. Some of its characteristics include shade and cold tolerance, and maintaining a lush green colour throughout the year.”

Argyle Landscaping: Pennant Hills, Sydney

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