Buffalo Turf Research

Buffalo Turf Research

The best winter colour for a low maintenance turf in the trial was Palmetto Buffalo Grass. It had a 25% better late winter colour than Sir Walter, and a 126% better winter colour than Shade Master Buffalo grass.

Based on sensible maintenance and analyzing the minimum mowing frequency, this investigation shows that Palmetto Buffalo Grass required 14.3% less mowing than Sir Walter. Shademaster required 7% less mowing than Sir Walter and Palmetto required 7.7% less mowing than Shademaster.

Palmetto Buffalo Grass had considerably less thatch than Sir Walter. Shademaster had by far the most thatch (sponginess) of all three Buffalo grasses in the trial. Sir Walter produced noticeably far more seed head than either the Palmetto Buffalo Grass or the Shademaster.

Click here to check out the Summary Notes from this research and also to download the full study of…

Mowing frequency evaluation and general observations of popular turf varieties. – First and Second Evaluation By, Ian Paananen, and Henry Locock, Nathan Dutschke.


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