Nara Native Turf Is A beautiful Zoysia Macrantha | Check Out This Video

Nara Native Turf is a beautiful Zoysia Macrantha that
is Native to Australia. This turf provides a lawn grass that has excellent winter colour, and can out compete weedswhen established.Nara generally requires less watering and less mowing than most other turf varieties available in Instant turf rolls or slabs.

As well as Nara Native Turf being a beautiful Zoysia Macrantha, Nara has excellent salt tolerance, so in this respect, it is an excellent choice for coastal regions where other grasses simply cannot cope with excessive amounts of salt in the environment.

Also, if the region you live in often experiences high water restrictions or drought which result in the killing off of many lawn types in your neighbourhood, then Nara will be an excellent turf to consider, as it will cope and recover very well in these conditions. Click here and head over to the Nara Native Turf website for more info…(And Watch The Video On That Page)


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